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JC 12V Low Voltage
JC Low Voltage
Halogen Bi-Pin Light Bulbs
JCD 120V 130V Line Voltage
JCD Line Voltage
Halogen Bi-Pin Light Bulbs

Halogen Bi-Pin light bulbs are used many display applications and in other intense lighting situations.
Why use Halogen bulbs?
Longer Lamp Life
Unlike a normal light bulb, a halogen lamp uses a tungsten filament which is encased inside a much smaller quartz envelope. This quartz envelope in a halogen lamp consists of a gas from the halogen group, and the combination of the halogen gas and the tungsten filament produces a chemical reaction known as a halogen cycle which helps increase the life time of the bulb.

High Efficiency / Excellent Color Rendering
Halogen lamps are choice for energy efficient lighting. Halogen lamps produce a whiter light, using an average of 40% less electriciry compared to Incandescent lamps.
Handling Precautions
Handling Precautions
Do not touch the surface of a quartz halogen bulb with bare hands. Oils from your hands or any other risidue on the glass can lead to breakage or shorten the life of the lamp. Always use clean gloves or lint free cloth for installation and removal. If you happen to touch the glass with your fingers, carefully clean the quartz surface with a gentle solvent such as isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

Always turn off the electrical source when installing or removing a halogen lamp. Allow the lamp to cool down before removing it. Removing the bulb right after turning the electricity off can cause serious burns.

Choose the Right Bulb
Check carefully as to which voltage and wattage you have before purchasing any bulb. JC stands for low voltage, such as 12V and 28V while JCD indicates line voltage lamp such as 120V and 130V.

Make sure you get it for the right pin type. There are several types of pin spacing in Bi-Pin halogen lamps. Some of the pin type you will see is G4, G6.35, GY6.35, G8, and G9. If you are not sure which pin-type to get, refer to the Base Identification chart we provide below.

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